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Muleys were as varied as their owners.  This is another saddle type that invites the owner to express their individuality.  

Right is an example of a custom fully-covered Muley copied from an original [More views are available on the next page]

As seen here, includes:

With Wood Stirrups ............. $900.00

While the example shown is a netted tree, rawhide covered trees are also available.


While manufacturing of this saddle by Confederate Arsenals is unclear, the Muley was purchased in large numbers by private contractors for service in the Confederate Army.  The Muley is distinctive because it has no horn.  "Muley" is a corruption of the French word "Mulet" (pronounced moo~lay), meaning mule, synonymous with a neutered male (no "horn").  The Muley is notable for its low flattened cantle and its wide rising pommel.

The skeleton-rigged Muley is similar to the skeleton-rigged Jenifer.   Available with either iron or brass hardware.