Glenn Pier Depot



Confederate 5-Ring Halter

 - This halter was manufactured in great numbers in many different configurations.  

Made with good harness leather, all iron hardware, and rings on nose band instead of halter squares.  Note lack of toggle.



Single-Ring Halter - all iron hardware

There were many variations of this due to economy

As Seen -- $40.00

With buckle adjustment on nose band - $50.00

Trooper's 3- or 4-Buckle Headstall

--All iron hardware (does not include bit) $50.00

Sewn Reins                          $30.00

Reins With Buckles          $40.00

Federal Officer's 6-Buckle Headstall

--available with brass or iron buckles (does not include bit or rosettes)        $65.00

Reins with Buckles               $40.00

Confederate Halter Bridle

These work well; I use one myself.  Bit & reins unbuckle easily from halter


Confederate Halter Bridle, another version above Confederate Halter Bridle, another version above

Confederate Surcingle  

Shown, quilted wool with steel horseshoe buckle, wool available in other colors (See below for current selection).  Also available in canvas, painted canvas, or English web.


Confederate Girth -- available in sling style, McClellan style, & 2-Buckle English style

Shown in 2-buckle English style quilted wool (See below for current selection), but also available in leather, canvas, painted canvas, or English web


Current Wool Selection

[From L to R] Black, Charcoal Grey, Dark Red, Scarlet with thin black (woven in), Natural, Copen Blue (Limited Quantities), & Kelly Green (Extremely Limited Quantities)

Federal Surcingle 

Correct worsted wool webbing, all hand sewn    


Federal Girth    

Correct worsted wool webbing, all hand sewn


Federal Lead Strap

Hand Sewn with jappaned buckle


Confederate Link Strap

Hand sewn, with steel horseshoe buckles


Federal Link Strap



Confederate Canvas Saddle Bags

As seen, black enameled canvas.  Also available in natural oilcloth


(Picture not available at this time)


Carbine Thimble - Copied from an original



Confederate Stirrups - Hand-Bent Oak, riveted at transom, 3" tread, low top