Glenn Pier Depot




     We have often been asked why we have a name like "Glenn Pier Depot".  The fact is that Glenn Pier and Glenn Pier Depot were real places.  While the modern Glenn Pier Depot's mailing address is South Haven, Michigan, the shop is actually located in Glenn, Michigan (Glenn's post office is located in the hardware store, and no deliveries are made to Glenn addresses except to post office boxes).  The street the shop is located on, 114th Avenue, was originally Glenn Pier Road.  The original Glenn Pier and Glenn Pier Depot were at the end of the road.  Left, you can see the original depot, the pier (background), and the bridge leading to the depot (foreground). 




 In the photo to the right, you can see two piers.  One was for passengers, while the other had railroad tracks to transport freight.  The original Glenn Pier served passenger ferry and freight traffic across Lake Michigan to Chicago and back, and served much of western Michigan.  Most of the lumber used to rebuild Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire was shipped from Glenn Pier.







   Here you can see clearly the tracks on the northernmost pier.  Not only was lumber shipped from this pier, but also produce.  Southwest Michigan is known for its fruit, especially blueberries.  The boats which carried the fruit to the cities brought vacationers on the return trip.  The rural nature of Glenn and the accessibility of Lake Michigan still make it a popular vacation spot to knowing travelers. 





 A Glenn Michigan postcard shows the pier in winter.  Winter brings Lake Effect snow in abundance to the Lakeshore.  However it was a surprise blizzard in Spring 1937 that would give the town of Glenn its nickname of "The Pancake Town".  So many vacationers were stranded along the roadway that the residents of Glenn took many into their homes.  With so many extra people, the only foodstuffs plentiful enough to feed the storm refugees were milk, flour and eggs -- which, when mixed, we all know as pancakes.  




Glenn Michigan Today

Here is the old carriage & wagon company.  Rarely open to the public, it has some great items inside.  Here's our hardware store.  Yes, it's for real.  You can still go in and get your quarter pound of nails weighed out for you on an old scale.  The Post Office is also located in here.

Here's our schoolhouse, built in 1854.  It just completed a major renovation, changing it from a one-room schoolhouse to 3 rooms. Here is one of the original homes in Glenn.  

This is all that remains of either of the original piers.   This view is down the beach at Glenn in the direction of the piers and the original depot.  The original depot is long gone.